search tool runs on firefox, explorer, windows and mac

Power Search Tool Search Options

The Power Search Tool options enable you to customize the search tool features and functions to best suit your needs. You have behavior options and Search Options.

Power Search Tool 4 comes with seven behavior options that you can configure. To disable/enable the options you can simply check or un-check the checkbox.

Show Hightlight Button

The Highlight buttons allows you to highlight any of your keywords (words in the search box) on the page. This feature enables you to find a specific word or phrase on the page.

SEO Tip: You can use this tool to quickly see keyword density on a page.

Show Word-find Buttons

Words that enter into the search box will appear on the right side of the toolbar. You can click these words to find them on the page. Each time you click the word again, it will jump to the next instance of that word on the page.

Open a new window to display my search results

You can tick this box if you prefer to open your search results in a new window. As default, search results are opened in the same window.

Automatically complete typed search words

You can select if you would like Power Search Tool to automatically try and complete what you are typing in, based on your previous searches.

Keep my search history in the drop-down list

Each time you enter a new search, your previous search is stored in the search box drop down history menu. This enables you to perform your searches again simply by selecting that specific search from the dropdown menu. You can disable this feature by un-ticking this option (in the options menu).

Site Search

Site Search enables you to search any website that you are currently on. Simply enter your search term in the search box and click on the site search to the current website you are on for that specific search term. (Un-check the to disable this option)

Image Search

Image Search allows to quickly find images on any topic or niche. (Un-check the to disable this option)

Video Search

Video Search allows to quickly find images on any topic or niche. (Un-check the to disable this option)

Map Search

Map Search allows to quickly find images on any topic or niche(Un-check the to disable this option)

Shop Search

Shop Search is designed to help you find bargains online. You can search several different eBay sites, Amazon as well as hundreds of other stores using the Bargain Hunter. (Un-check the to disable this option)